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In the wild, they eat insect larvae, worms, and just about anything else that comes their way. Plants like mosses will also greatly benefit them. Algae eating fishes always produce lots of waste but Otocinclus do not produce a huge amount compared to Bristlenose, Peckoltias, and other species. 5 Answers. What this means is that they like to dwell at the bottom of bodies of water. They would prefer to clean the tank, so that you eat foods that leftober fell to the ground. They will not eat any healthy plant in the tank. Cories do not specifically eat algae (or rather, they don't polish it off of things like suckermouth cats do), though they do aid in limiting the amount of algae that can grow by eating extra food in the water. Otocinclus Catfish Size. 1 decade ago. corys aren't that good at eating "just food scraps". Do I have to buy fish food for them or can I just let them have a diet of filter feeding? First Corydoras do not eat algae. 2 1. hopeless_romantic33z. Also, what do ghost shrimp eat? Contrary to popular belief, Corydoras eat a wide range of foods. Like a living robot vacuum, cory catfish happily suck up any food that gets past the surface … back to menu ↑ Cory Catfish And Other Tank Mates. The panda Cory catfish is an amazing little catfish. i have 2 corydora sterbaii and 2 corydora julii in my well planted 15 gallon community tank. 5 Answers. It is a friendly fish, it is easy to care for and it poses little challenges if properly taken care of. Do Cory Catfish Eat Algae? However, they will reduce the growth of algae by consuming scraps in the tank – this reduces the growth of algae. you should feed them sinking foods. Relevance. Favorite Answer. Corydoras Catfish Diet and Feeding. I do wish they’d eat the infertile eggs though. I don't know of any algae eaters that will go for brown algae - just keep doing what you're doing - vacuum it up - dose some Excel - do a larger wc - 40-50% weekly, semi weekly if you can, at least for a while - as your tank matures, the brown algae should … A healthy Cory Catfish will be quite active and alert. However, they are the furthest thing there is from great algae eaters and only skim through the algae. That is … Corydoras catfish and their family are omnivores and usually feed on the underside, though it’s not unusual for them to study to come back to the floor for meals when hungry. Here is a link: Omega One Freeze Dried Shrimp, 1.45 oz. 4. Started by SanDiegoRedneck; 4 minutes ago; Replies: 0; Betta Fish . You can even have multiple cory catfish around your shrimp without issues. A 10-gallon is the minimum I’d suggest. If you are looking to reduce the algae in your tank, check out these must-have algae eaters. Typically, the more common Corydoras catfish species can be bought for just a few dollars, although some rare species like the Adolfoi or Weitzmani Cory catfish can cost anywhere between $ 30 and above. Siamese Algae Eater. Corydoras love to eat algae, as well as any other morsels, which are floating around. While they do enjoy grazing on algae, they also need bits of animal flesh from worms other aquatic creatures. Cory cats are bottom feeders, meaning they will happily munch on algae and whatever leftover food falls to the bottom of the tank. You just have … If the Ottos do not appear to be interested, take the zucchini out of the tank before it decomposes, disintegrates and creates water quality issues. Get them in a group of two to three shrimp. Answer Save. These peaceful bottom dwellers can be kept with pretty much any community fish that won’t eat or attack … As a relatively small fish, they crave safety in numbers, so a group of six corydoras or more (all of the same species) is highly suggested. Cories don't eat algae, but they won't touch your baby fish. OP . Not only would the human lack in most nutrients, but also they'd be lacking a crucial part of their diet. Corydoras prefer bein a group of six or more. Cory Catfish can be very active during the day, but they can also spend time peacefully resting motionless in the same spot. What do corydoras eat? The beloved cory catfish comes in many varieties and sizes, such as the 1-inch dwarf corydoras, 2- to 3-inch normal-sized cories, and 4-inch larger Brochis types. Shrimp based foods are great and what I personally use 70% of the time. They are an attractive but unassuming addition to any tank. Your tank may also be too much sun, the rapid growth of algae is encouraged. Ideally, the best specimen need not be thin, since Corydoras catfish need to be somewhat plump and boast bright patterns and colorations.

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