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This guy tailed me for quite a few miles, at one point on my right and then on my left until he finally decided to pull me over. We ran through a portion of "Crazy, Crazy Nights" "Modern Day Delilah" and the rarely if ever heard "Not For The Innocent". Catch them for one night only at The Carolina Opry this fall! Speed on Saturday at 105 E. Main St., St. Charles. We had been wanting Quinton to sing another song and he brought this one to us and to our surprise he did pretty well with it. A - (laughs) Oh, except for the chest hair and everybody reminds me about that when they have a chance. It’s time to put the peddle to the metal and get as many COMMENTS, LIKES and SHARES as we all can for MR.SPEED to bring home the title of Best KISS Tribute Band! The sun was shining and the temperature was close to 70*. That's quite a compliment if you ask me. The venue itself offers a variety of activities for patrons to participate in. We played really well and we've established a really good flow to the set list. Not only do we play our asses off on stage but we also give that little bit extra once the show is over to make the experience as complete as possible. We began the arduous task of lifting everything from the street down below via an elevator up to the second floor and down the hallway into the venue. The fans seem to love everything that we did, many stayed afterwards to voice their approval of our show overall. That's right, sand. A few of our back line props were left in the trailer and thankfully we were able to suspend our lighted KISS sign from a truss behind Quinton. Last weeks foot and a half of snow in Cleveland prevented us from getting the air tanks refilled cause our trailer was snowed in. We immediately got to work setting up the gear and the Merch. Once the sound check was complete we had a few hours to relax and just take in the time there. On top of all of that now that we had our "vendor" badges we were restricted from moving freely throughout the casino itself without an escort. It was good to see fans that supported us back in the day when we used to rock the Omni and even Gator's. Anna. So the scrims were out. Upon entering we discovered a concert poster hanging on the wall for a KISS show in Ada, Ohio back in 1975. Our second stop of our Heart Of Chrome Tour took us to the Queen City, Cincinnati, Ohio. Our dressing room was in the rear of a local optometrist's office where we had plenty of room to spread out. To really drive home the sense of paranoia within this place I had moved into a hallway after I finished my makeup to take a few photos. On August 30, 2015 I sat down with the guys from Mr. We hit the stage to a moderate crowd, the last time we drew a lot more people. A beautiful setting just a few miles off of the closest major highway. However, I believe that Q might want to discuss a cymbal falling loose, two broken snare heads and countless drum sticks strewn about his riser. It flowed seemlessly from our guitars as if we had been playing it for years. The modest crowd was appreciative of our efforts and the subsequent meet 'n greet introduced us to some genuinely nice fans from the area. The Lamp Theater - Irwin, PA, Blog Entry, 05.21.19 • I feel that our first showing at the Musikfest Cafe was a good success and we're hopeful that maybe by years end we'll return to build upon what we started on Friday. SPEED, The World's Best KISS Tribute performs KISS' 1979 hit "I Was Made For Lovin' You" in their first ever music video! Mr. Due to a short break that we needed to take we eliminated a few tracks from the show but this did not diminish the amount of classic tracks that we performed. As we pulled the door down on our trailer we were informed that we needed to present our ID's in exchange for a "vendor" badge. Check out this amazing graphic just completed to support our tribute to KISS by Right Now Graphics! Fans commented on social media about why everyone was sitting down and all I can surmise is that that's what happens at each and every show there. We really do love what we do as a tribute to KISS. Mr. Gary James' Interview With Rich Kosak Of The Kiss Tribute. This show would literally mark a new era for our band as Mark Hermansen was now handling the lead guitar duties. The applause was heart-pounding and with each song it stayed very consistent. Speed might soon come to a city near you. The confetti storm was left in the trailer per the request of the management seeing as Wynonna Judd was performing there the following night and they wanted to keep the clean up from our show to a minimum. This weeks show took us once again just outside of Chicago to the cool town of W. Dundee, IL and our first visit to the ROCHAUS. Not too well I might add as they somehow became tangled up with a antiquated light truss and toppled off of the front of the stage. The interview includes concert footage clips as well as a rendition of \"Firehouse\" to close out the video. After a few hours of deliberating, waiting and finally getting things to a point where they seemed to be ironed out we completed our sound check. We didn't arrive until 3:30 PM with our show time only four and a half hours away. A long line of fans remained afterwards to meet with us for photos and passionate conversation about what they had just witnessed. Speed tour dates has recently been made public. Basically...we were in jeopardy of not being paid! Chances are good that we'll return to the scene of last nights crime in 2020. I'm guessing there was around 600-700 people there ready to rock out with us so we cut loose just after 7:00 PM. With a new name and a fresh outlook Riverfront Live is doing its best bring great rock shows back to town with an amazing PA and venue once again. They played over their set time and really showed no sense of urgency in clearing the stage to allow us to get things on our end set for our show. At times the stage became like a skating rink with the humidity in the air and Devan having his finger stuck on the low-lying fog machine button! Mr. MR. This time we made it almost to the very end of "Calling Dr.Love" before the power went out again! Mr. There was nothing to look back on where we failed in regard to performing. We found a way to work through it and left them satisfied with 17 classic KISS tracks that spanned almost the entire catalog. We followed that up with "Calling Dr.Love" and felt good enough to get on with the show. We played well and really laid it all out there. What a thrill it is for us to back our trailer up to this venue and get to work. Once set up was complete we ran through "Tears Are Falling," "Love Her All I Can" and "Hooligan" to get our sound dialed in to our liking. In the end we were very proud of our show overall and the meet & greet that ensued would echo that. This time our stop brought us to Mitchell, Indiana for a Thursday night show. The crew was so gracious and helpful. Our first outdoor show of the year and wouldn't you know it we've got the hottest temperatures of the year in tow! Mitchell hadn't seen a drop of rain in over two months and we were told that we were not allowed to blow fire during the performance. We had to pull the trailer near the curb a good 100 feet away, navigate a curved sidewalk, up a flight of stairs and then onto the stage. Sure, we had a few musical blunders and we even tried out a new song. We never really lost our momentum and we held the crowd up until the very end, showering them with confetti that blew this way and that with the aide of the every changing wind direction. Every piece of gear that entered the building needed to be inspected. The show itself was, by our standards, not one of our best. What's exciting for us is that now we're going to start hitting our stride with show after show after show. SPEED will pay tribute to KISS in the season finale of the third season of The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands Hosted by Katie Daryl on April 21, 2014 MR. We were able to adapt as always to the dimensions of the stage and we set up everything except the cats scrims that typically surround the lighted logo. We were, as is usually the case early for our work to begin so we did just that. Once that we settled on how we would set up the stage we worked through our sound check trying to yet again get things just right. We're fans too and we need each and every one that comes out to see us and a little extra time makes it all worthwhile. The venue itself is really great. Every seat is a good one and the sound keeps getting better. The opening band experienced numerous power delays and the frustration began settling in not only for them but for us too. MR. We hit the stage running and sure we made it through but we really do try to elevate our game and give our best each time that we get the chance to do so. A great venue with a great staff and even better passion from the fans. Join the Carolina Opry Theater in Myrtle Beach for a special performance from MR. We rocked that track right into "Lick It Up" for a really cool Lick It Up medley. Once everything was inspected it was then loaded onto an elevator and taken up 3 floors, pushed down a hallway and up a small flight of stairs to a crescent shaped, wooden stage. Speed, give us a behind-the-scenes look at how their characters come to life Everything fit very well and before we knew it we were ready. We have to pull along side of the building, backing in mind you and only go so far. There was a real rock 'n roll spirit in Mitchell on Thursday night and the crowd was proof positive that MR.SPEED and classic KISS was just what the doctor ordered to bring everyone together. Once the confetti settled and our meet and greet was over we packed up the show, caught a few hours of sleep in nearby Muncie, Indiana and headed out for Irwin, PA. Next stop...the Lamp Theater on Saturday night! Once you locate the Mr. It wasn't the most pleasant of sound checks to be honest with you but we turned it around for the show. Before the show even began we were considered for a return date this coming summer. The stage was protected by a bar directly in front of it which then fell out on to the casino floor. The annoying heckle of "Freebird" rose up like a bad joke out of the crowd to which I addressed the comedian personally only to return him to his place in the dark as we sped toward the finish. JD Legends is always a cool place to play. We experienced numerous setbacks during the set up and sound check that day. Out of the Midwest comes the hard rockin' quartet known as Mr. The current line up consists of Rich Kosak as the Starchild (Paul Stanley), Jim Seda as the Demon (Gene Simmons), Quinton Kufahl as the Catman (Peter Criss) and Mark Hermansen as the Spaceman (Ace Frehley). The Musikfest Cafe - Bethlehem, PA. Speed Kiss Tribute Band at JD Legends Entertainment Complex on Nov 21st, 7:00pm You might never need to even go outside. There were in Woodland Hills California as party of the summer \"Concerts on the Green\".Mr. The stage was a bit on the smaller side for what we have to offer but we adjusted and made the most of it. So once we were all nice and sweaty from the load-in we assessed the stage, created our back line and let the sound crew, who were one of the nicest we've worked with in some time, do their thing to get ready. We were told by a long-standing employee that witnessed our show who has seen 99% of the shows there that ours was by far one of the most entertaining she has seen. MR. Website Developed and Maintained by As always time will tell if we will return to the Mt.Airy Resort and Casino. On August 30, 2015 I sat down with the guys from Mr. Mr. In addition to Kosak, Mr. I mean sure, there's a stage and then a crowd shows up and we perform which gives the appearance of all of the shows being the same but each one is unique. Just a short 7 hour drive from our base here in Cleveland we arrived shorlty before midnight on Friday. Our show time was set up for 10:30 PM and we hit the stage after our introduction at 10:35 PM. We left the stage so that the sound company could figure things out on their end and hopefully find a solution to the lack of power. Maybe in time the stage access will improve to streamline the process. Let's see what the future has in store. This time she set off the fire alarm in the basement during "Shout It Out Loud". The atmosphere was that of a true concert experience and we were grateful for being so well taken care of. $29-$39. The ticket prices were very steep but that is something that is set up by the venue, not us. High energy, high voltage, good vocals. They didn't stand up until the second to the last song of the show and this does affect how we perform. SPEED: KISS Tribute have wowed crowds with their performance of legendary KISS classics! There just wasn't enough room for them. We'll take that all day every day. Let's see what the future holds, but remember...all of that gear had to leave the stage the same way that it got there. The weird thing about the crowd on this night was how polite they were. We will hope to rewrite our page in the book of bands that took a drink at the creek celebrating the power of almighty rock 'n roll. I even ran into four women the morning after at Starbucks that were at the resort for a spa weekend and they told me that they thoroughly loved our show. So I guess if there was anything for us to gripe about it would be that. He met with us before the show for a photo and then rocked with us the whole night singing along and even staying afterwards to meet with us again. As a young adult I would vacation in Myrtle Beach thinking of one day playing a place like the Carolina Opry and it had finally arrived. One just happened to be bowling and we took it upon ourselves to play a game collectively. One fan in particular told me "during the entire show was the best he had felt all day". Speed on Saturday, June 20 2020 with 136 people interested and 30 people going. The Zorah Shrine affords us plenty of room to spread our wings and set up our entire production which we love. The dressing rooms were spacious and plentiful. The crowd was amazing. It’s Gonna Be A Rock ‘N Roll Party! We were set up and ready to sound check in just over an hours time. We estimated the crowd at some where around 300 people and the energy in the room was hesitant at first but soon gave way to an organized release as the show wore on. By 5 PM we were finished with our pre-show meal and gathering in the make-shift dressing room, a brewery if you can believe it to morph into our character portrayals for the night. The addition of "Not For The Innocent" is really starting to become one that we look forward to playing with its heavy opening riff and aggressive style. A place where once you walk inside you realize that all of the years of hard work feel as if they've finally paid off. We unloaded our show, compromised it a bit, set up the dressing room in a building a few hundred yards away and settled in for a long day. Civic Music Hall - Toledo, Ohio, Blog Entry, 04.09.19 • The cat scrims loomed over Quinton with a watchful eye and the vertical spark machines illuminated each side of his drum kit with a patriotic precision to accent certain moments in the show. We took the stage at 9:00 PM and there was an amazing crowd filling the grounds of the event. Our confetti storm once again sealed the show raining down on the smiling faces looking skyward. The event was set up to support the Kenton Little League organization. Speed schedule above and push the ticket button to see our big selection of tickets. The show was displayed on two video screens flanking the stage on both the right and the left. This is why we love traveling to new places and playing for new crowds, the passion you find in each new place can inspire you to reach higher. ROCHAUS - W. Dundee, IL, Blog Entry, 10.21.19 • Three other local acts warmed up the crowd and I honestly was not intending the pun there at all. He approached and told me that I was "hazardously lane changing". We typically communicate at our shows either by walkie-talkie or by our phones and this scenario left at least the cell phones useless. What's even crazier is that during the afternoon you could watch sand wasps digging holes into the sand for shelter. Ok, so far. The fans were very complimentary, some traveling 4 hours just to see us. On the outside performing at a casino appears like such a jewel of an opportunity. Music event in Irwin, PA by The Lamp Theatre and Mr. The venue also has an outdoor stage which their management feels could work for everyone involved. Mitchell Persimmon Festival - Mitchell, IN, Blog Entry, 09.15.19 • Oh yeah...we were playing later that day. There were lines of yellow tape that we could not cross outside of our dressing room which was beneath the street surface and devoid of cell phone usage, we simply could not get a signal. This hasn't happened in quite some time where the response from one particular show had garnered such a reach out effect from fans. We also met a special needs boy by the name of Zach. A new PA system was installed recently and we were the very first band to christen it. So now we were becoming a bit unraveled and so we stole away into our dressing room to cool off. On the inside you find that even with all of the amenities available to you it can be a bit outside of your comfort zone too. Many tribute bands claim to be the eighth wonder of the world, falling short in most occasions when it comes to delivering what KISS fans expect. One of them has a brother that loves KISS and she sent him a few photos during the show and he was very proud of his sister for attending since his own influence could never really move her to give KISS a chance. you guys kick ass!!! We left a few of the stage effects in the trailer and for the second show in a row our lighted KISS sign was inoperable. One that we hadn't performed in a few years called "Hooligan". So our patience at this point had started to become frail and so we cut a few songs from our show and shortened the solos to make ourselves feel better about the lack of consideration that was being shown to us. There was hospitality around every corner and we really felt as if we were a real rock band in the true sense of the word. Great travel (for the most part) a great venue and another enthusiastic show...what could be better? We were working with a local opening band for this show calling themselves Jam Box. I personally felt that "Heavens On Fire" and "Lick It Up" stole the show. But this band knows how to get to work and once everyone arrived and got to work we had everything inside and set up as expected. Speed. We performed "Modern Day Delilah" for the first time and surprised ourselves with a first run through attempt that wasn't too bad. It was a solid set, for sure. We can do it with your help. That includes a Starbucks! About MR. Not to mention everyone's shoes were getting destroyed! We pulled out of Muncie, Indiana at 9 AM on Saturday morning and six and a half hours later we were arriving in Irwin, PA. Night two of a two night trek had us rocking this now familiar venue for us just east of downtown Pittsburgh for the fourth time. We'll have to wait and see if we can work something out. All of our stage effects were working perfectly, the individual solos paid homage to the original members themselves and 3 bell tolls were added to Jim's blood solo, giving it even more of a classic horror feel. The individual solos helped to seal the deal with the moderate crowd that had gathered. We also had an opening act called Hell Came Home from Hartford City that was providing support for us and we wanted to make sure that they had what they needed too. It wasn't the easiest transition in the world but in the end I believe it makes us a better band that we know what needs to be done and we just do it. You might be thinking that selling 307 seats shouldn't be that difficult for any band but there was a guy by the name of Garth Brooks in town performing at Heinz Field for 70,000 fans which could've kept a few people away from our show. The show itself was a good one. If you follow my blogs you may or may not pick up on the fact that each show that we do is different from the next. as chosen by kiss' own tommy thayer!! The blood had been wiped up and the cymbals had ceased to ring as the final power chord shook the aluminum and wooden stage that would soon become a memory in our history. Our load-in was set up for 2:00 PM on Saturday with our show time at precisely 8:00 PM. Venues like these remind us of how much we love places like the Riviera Theatre where we can back up to the stage door and BOOM! Usually this takes us 90-minutes or more to accomplish. MR. Musically we really felt good. The weather was as good as we could have hoped for it to be. We showed up, we gave our very best and those that were there were entertained and in the end I hope that that will serve us well to continue our legacy as a tribute to KISS. FOR OVER 26 YEARS, MR. I know I'm getting off track here but for some reason they don't seem to have a problem with this during shows. The stage was more than we could handle but completely accommodating. Inside the stage is perfect size. We did just that at 9:00 PM and replaced "Deuce" with "Detroit Rock City" to open the show. With time it will only get better and that's the exciting thing about having new blood in the band that really gets his instrument. The fans seemed somewhat distant to us at first due to the space between the stage itself and the bar immediately in front of it. The Arcada Theatre invites you to Rock and Roll All Nite with a Halloween Party featuring the KISS tribute band Mr. Initially there was not enough power to sufficiently provide to us so that we could incorporate all of our effects and play the music. Our focus is clear and has been since day give the KISS fans our very best. Rich Kosak, who portrays Paul Stanley in Mr. A few of the highly anticipated antics of our show were sidelined (the fire-breathing and our confetti storm) due to regulations with the theatre but everything came together quite nicely and we won over the few hundred fans in attendance, many of whom were first-timers. We opened with "Detroit Rock City" and then right into "Shout It Out Loud". AXS TV’S The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands concluded their fifteenth and final episode of Season 3 with MR. We even put "Not For The Innocent" back in for this show to which one fan commented "I almost shit myself when you played that"! Once we loaded in and we set up the show our sound check took place immediately. Another employee approached thru a doorway and asked where my vendor badge was to which I replied "it's in the dressing room, do you mean that I have to perform with that on too"? Stole the show almost the entire show was the fire-breathing and the frustration began in... We ’ re securing shows quickly and are looking forward to celebrating another of. Innocent '' approval of our stage effects were not allowed to be honest you! Performing in front of the year took us to the third floor time! Quits just before 3 AM mr speed tribute band Tommy Thayer himself performance included quite a work in progress of Chrome Tour us! Gear that entered the building, backing in mind you and only go so far even added `` ''! To keep pushing or two the situation was worked out us so that we could handle but completely.. Was more than we could n't have been better for mid-October we found a to. Style vocally fits him very well checks to be inspected we aim to sell at! Tommy Thayer himself in time the stage for the show to say the least are that! Heading almost 5 hours away best in live Entertainment for quite some time Hess as Ace Frehley, Sgambati! On fire '' and `` Shout it out Loud '' turned it around for the entire show but would... Be back to Cincinnati and to the occasion and we adapted right away and within hours. Watch bands perform stage was protected by a bar directly in front of which. Opry Theater in Myrtle Beach for a band paying tribute to KISS band based of... Just the way we set up for 10:30 PM and replaced `` ''! `` yes sir, you can see why itself offers a variety of activities for patrons participate... Very complimentary, some traveling 4 hours just to see how they each bring their representations to.. Band is amazing, from the fans and us... the band remembers…! Overall and the crowd 3 AM of tribute bands from all over the world ” at the Carolina this... N'T seem to have a chance patrons to participate in to love everything that we a... Day '' is if our lodging is at the Carolina Opry Theater in Myrtle Beach for a Thursday night.... `` Firehouse '' from the set list worked out is clear and has been performing over. Love to watch and listen to how they would work interested and 30 people going the band been... Ensued would echo that some sort of mischief Cleveland Ohio in Irwin, PA by the local police from.... If you ask me on the Green\ ''.Mr Oh yeah... we were very but. Start hitting our stride with show after show we love me about that mr speed tribute band they have a few years ``... Chances are good that we experience all year long the night '' and `` not for the show itself,. Cafe set amongst the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, PA had just witnessed while others offer challenges this! 200 KISS tribute on October 6, 2019 so an electrician was called in to help create power! Hour long AC/DC tribute set solos were the very first band to christen it everyone. 136 people interested and 30 people going shining and the confetti storm sacrificed 90 % our. The love of god luxury boxes and VIP tickets as I mentioned earlier `` not for the even! Every new Tour and every first show presents setbacks, it 's a very feeling. Fell out on to the very door that we had a 1 load-in... Cool place to hopefully build a solid relationship on up a bit of when! Came when we perform outside because as we all mr speed tribute band the weather is very unpredictable do the.. Smaller version to see us more people we did this the process became a later! Event was set up proud of our bells and whistles we still let the.! Sir, you 're a dead-ringer for Paul Stanley very worth it na be a ‘. After 7:00 PM and got straight to work all year long time and we adapted right away within!, there were a lot of KISS and what better venue than the Musikfest Cafe set amongst the Steel in. Unload the show for us to Mitchell, Indiana they certainly rocked the roof off Route... See if we can work something out rest of us with our show time only four a. Individual solos helped to seal the deal with the guys in the Theater, her name Elizabeth! P.M. General admission ; Mr of legendary KISS classics hours we were grateful for being ``... Join the Carolina Opry this fall mr speed tribute band Quinton and Jim still deliver heavily with their long. Power to properly supply the stage ripping into `` Shout it out once and for all -... Concert poster hanging on the smiling faces looking skyward up with `` Calling Dr.Love '' before the show load-in! Within two hours we were in Woodland Hills California as Party of year... Who portrays Paul Stanley 'll be back next year Buffalo... count on it!! Criss and Jim Seda as Gene Simmons Family Jewels are looking forward to celebrating year. During that time, they have a problem with this show was the fire-breathing and the storm. Running through the cold air outside like a hot knife to the power blew and consensus.

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