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They had superhero names: rhythm guitarist/lead vocalist Paul Stanley was The Starchild; bassist Gene Simmons, The Demon; lead guitarist Ace Frehley, The Space Ace; drummer Peter Criss, The Catman. Then came the merch – everything from lunchboxes to lawnmowers and even coffins! Having already used the perfect title for this album – Unmasked – they named it Lick It Up after a song that was classically Kiss. Destroyer had been considered a sell-out. It was composed by drummer Peter Criss, his friend Stan Penridge and producer Bob Ezrin. “You wanted the littlest, you got the littlest!” Mini Kiss were formed in New York City in 1996 by lifelong Kiss fan and 4’4” Mini-Demon Joey Fatale. The band’s lengthiest studio album proved that size isn’t everything – even for Kiss. Finding out that KISS was finally looking for "the Best KISS Tribute Band In The World" came to our attention on a Friday night in January of 2012. The band disowned it. Kiss made their big breakthrough with Alive! But with Kiss Symphony: Alive IV, they were milking that thing dry. “The fans hated it,” Simmons said. Nothing could match Alive! There was no real cohesion between band and orchestra. Tantric Mafia. We count down the 50 most metal Simpsons characters of all time in the name of science, GLAVIN! In 1979, rock fans launched the protest campaign ‘Disco Sucks!’ At a baseball game in Chicago, a crate filled with offending records, mostly by the Bee Gees, was blown up on the pitch. Guitarist Vinnie Vincent would be fired after the Lick It Up tour, but the album sold well – proof Kiss could survive on their music alone. Jun 26, 2015 - Explore jeremy Gill's board "KISS album covers" on Pinterest. Casablanca Records released it as a single in August 1976, after it was released as the B-side of "Detroit Rock City". A KISS Tribute Band can be the perfect choice for events and parties of all types, and on GigSalad it's free to browse, compare and get quotes from KISS Cover Bands near you. The Abbott brothers, Dimebag and Vinnie Paul, were lifelong KISS fans and were both famously buried in Kiss Kaskets. It’s also full of great songs: Room Service, Rock Bottom, C’mon And Love Me, and, of course, Rock And Roll All Nite. A faithful rendering of the cock-rockin’ original, Love Gun finds Corey searching for his inner Star Child. In hindsight, Stanley felt that Poncia “sanitised” Kiss. Thank you for signing up to Classic Rock. “Powerful, heavy, melodic and epic.” But really, there wasn’t much to shout about. Recorded for Spin The Bottle, the 2004 Japanese KISS tribute album, this version of the 1976 classic is credited to Motörhead but is largely a Lemmy solo offering. This album also marked the debut of lead guitarist Bruce Kulick, whose brother Bob had auditioned for Kiss back in 1973, and had played an uncredited role, filling in for Ace Frehley, on Alive II and other Kiss albums. The album featured Criss on the cover, but was recorded with drummer Anton Fig. “Fui Hecho Para Amarte” – Menudo (1981) “Fui Hecho Para Amarte” is Spanish for “I Was Made for … The band’s third album is their purest rock’n’roll record, with a stripped-down sound and a spontaneous feel typified by its most famous song, Rock And Roll All Nite. KISS are inviting fans to “the largest livestreaming event” of 2020 this New Year’s Eve. He died in 2007, aged 51. Tonight You Belong To Me is a sensational song with an intense emotional charge – rated by Stanley as one of his best. From the start, Kiss wrote anthems. KISS - The Originals. New York scuzz-rockers White Zombie followed up their second full-length, Make Them Die Slowly, with an EP that featured a groove-laden cover of Gene Simmons’ signature tune as its title track. Amazingly, Eddie Van Halen was briefly in the frame. There were flashes of brilliance in Paul’s daft rock’n’roll sermon Hell Or Hallelujah and Gene’s monolithic Back To The Stone Age. The title screamed for attention, and it came. Boozehound Ace Frehley wrote Cold Gin but lacked the bottle to sing it. "Beth" is a song by American rock band Kiss, originally released on their 1976 album Destroyer. This grandiose concept album was, by his own admission, Gene Simmons’ folly – based on a fantasy tale he’d written, and conceived as the soundtrack to a Hollywood movie. By He enlisted an all-star cast of backing musicians, including Joe Perry, Bob Seger, Donna Summer and his then girlfriend Cher. Although the guys in the band have been busy recently creating original tunes under the name Freaks Like Me and even have an album dropping in the March on Pavement/Sony, they’ve confirmed … But this was undoubtedly the worst of the Kiss solo albums. But this was undoubtedly the worst of the Kiss solo albums.A fan of pop and soul music, Criss turned MOR crooner on lightweight toe-tapping tunes such as Don’t You Let Me Down and That’s The Kind Of Sugar Papa Likes. Kiss Tribute Band from Charlotte, NC 1 Verified. Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn and Brad Delson re-live Linkin Park’s ground-breaking debut album as it turns 20. a suitably gargantuan stage show to match, release a set of EPs modelled on the New York giant’s 1978 solo records, 10 rock’n’roll rumours that aren’t actually true, The definitive all-time best ‘Woos’ in rock music, “Kiss 2020 Goodbye”: KISS Announce Virtual New Year’s Eve Concert, The 50 Most Metal Characters From The Simpsons. In 1996, the prayers of Kiss fans were answered. Ultimately, it’s the best Kiss album Kiss never made. But if there is one band that has understood and exploited the power of image in rock’n’roll, and the importance of putting on a show, it’s Kiss. In contrast to the guitar-heavy style of 1984’s Animalize (the only Kiss album to feature guitarist Mark St. John) and 1986’s Asylum (on which St. John’s replacement Bruce Kulick made his debut), Crazy Nights had a lighter sound, with keyboards high in the mix. The remainder was as flat as a week-old bitter shandy. From this came the impetus for a full-scale reunion with Ace and Peter. The best … The band’s own deliberate cartoon image elevated them from the New York club scene to arena stages across the States as the original four-piece of Paul (aka The Star Child), bass player Gene Simmons (The Demon), guitarist Ace Frehley (The Space Ace) and drummer Peter Criss (The Cat) developed a suitably gargantuan stage show to match. “It’s an ambitious album,” Stanley said, “and it stands the test of time.”. And on Hooligan, Criss delivers the brilliant payoff: ‘I’m a hooligan/Won’t go to school again…’. SPACE ALE - KISSOLOGY LEAD GUITAR. I had just arrived home from work and within a matter of moments our lives would be changed forever. Others on his wish list were unavailable: Lennon and McCartney, and the world’s most famous dog, Lassie. To this end, Rock And Roll Over was recorded at the disused Star Theatre in Nanuet, New York, with Eddie Kramer, the producer of Alive! It was also a better representation of the Kiss live experience. Ace Frehley would be absent for most of the studio tracks on Alive II, and Peter Criss would appear on just one song on Dynasty. But as interesting as this fact is, there are far better songs to hear on this hit-or-miss compilation. The album was a tour de force and a coming of age for Kiss as an arena-rock behemoth – as illustrated by the band’s definitive, crowd-pleasing anthem Rock And Roll All Nite, which became, at last, their first hit single. And of course there were few 70s classics, including Detroit Rock City and Rock And Roll All Nite, that could never be dropped from the band’s set. Hank Scorpio? In the 42 years since the release of the first Kiss album, there have been 19 more studio albums, numerous live albums and compilations, and – most ambitious of all – four solo albums from the original band members, released on the same date: September 18, 1978. It sounded much cleaner and punchier than the preceding album, Hotter Than Hell. Alive! You will receive a verification email shortly. I Was Made For Loving You was a brilliant synthesis of disco and hard rock, and a US Top 20 hit. Eight months after Destroyer, Kiss returned with the symbolically titled Rock And Roll Over. On Album Dynasty. But this third instalment of the franchise-within-a-franchise proved that Kiss were still a great live act, even without the make-up that had been so much a part of the magic. On August 9, 1995 came the moment that every Kiss fan had dreamed of: when Ace Frehley and Peter Criss joined Paul and Gene onstage for the first time since 1979. The band’s sixth studio album was the first to feature all four members singing lead vocals. Paul Stanley wrote Forever with Michael Bolton, and Hide Your Heart with Desmond Child and Holly Knight. In 1996, the release of Carnival Of Souls was shelved when the original line-up of Kiss reunited, in make-up. They were not the first rock’n’roll band with a strong visual identity: The Beatles had their mop-tops and dandyish suits. In the band’s vast catalogue are some of the greatest and most influential rock albums of all time. As a card carrying member of the KISS Army, Scott got to relive his childhood dreams when Anthrax covered this 1974 classic – its riff sounding more trenchant and thrashy than the original. But among the 15 tracks were some clunkers, including two tracks written by Simmons with future Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer. But in the end, a potential disaster was averted. And on a purely musical level, Kiss Unplugged was a triumph. In fact, for the best part of 50 years, KISS have done just that; serving up a steady diet of anthemic tunes that have engrained themselves in America’s own psyche across the span of 20 studio albums. Bathory’s enigmatic frontman Quorthon was a teenage KISS fanatic, initially assuming the stage name of Ace (after Ace Frehley), and he returned to his first love by recording this raw-throated version of KISS’ 1974 anthem. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Pepper.” The movie was never made, and the album bombed. Less impressive was Stanley’s rapping on All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose. Musician/Band. As a small child, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian liked nothing more than to stomp around his bedroom doing his best Gene Simmons ‘God Of Thunder’ impression. Boasting the full stage show and a sound that will make you believe you are at an actual KISS concert, KISS Forever will change everything you think you know about tribute bands. And under his control, Asylum was as flashy and trashy as anything that was coming out of the Sunset Strip scene – as illustrated by the album’s priapic and preposterous final track, Uh! Maggie? It was the big reveal: the make‑up was finally off. The title was classic Kiss; the album, less so. Homer? In 1990, Nirvana covered the Kiss song Do You Love Me? BA1 1UA. “We’re the McDonald’s of rock’n’roll,” declared KISS frontman Paul Stanley many moons ago. As a small child, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian liked nothing more than to stomp … Tellingly, the best song on the album is a ballad, I Can’t Stop The Rain, written by long-time band associate Sean Delaney, and perfectly suited to Peter’s raspy voice. Sign up below to get the latest from Classic Rock, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Paul Stanley has always enjoyed deconstructing other people’s music. A világ legjobb Kiss tribute bandájának, a KISS FOREVER BAND-nek 18. születésnapi koncertje a budapesti Barba Negra Music Club-ban, 2013. október 18-án. In turn, Kiss influenced a generation of rock musicians, especially in America. As Paul Stanley said: “Peter’s album was ghastly.”. And the album’s cover is a classic too, with the guys posing in suits borrowed from manager Bill Aucoin. Some 14 years after Kiss had their biggest hit single in America with Beth, they returned to the US Top 10 with another ballad, Forever – the standout track from Hot In The Shade. MINI KISS. Gene’s were phoned in, although he did contribute a memorable double entendre in Burn Bitch Burn: ‘Wanna put my log in your fireplace.’ Sadly for Mark St. John, this was his one brief moment of fame. Their first two studio records had bombed. Bath And as Sounds joked: “What ugly bastards they turned out to be.”. Hit it! It wasn’t the worst solo album ever made by a drummer – that was Keith Moon’s risible Two Sides Of The Moon. By the time Unmasked was released in May 1980, Criss was out of the band. The audiences were more hysterical. “It’s earth-shaking and deafening!”. Guitarist Tommy Thayer made his debut on Sonic Boom. Recorded for the soundtrack to ‘70s nostalgia flick Detroit Rock City, LA four-piece The Donnas deliver a perfect version of this Stanley/Simmons classic from KISS’ 1974 self-titled debut, emphasising the track’s bubblegum pop sensibilities. “Only You” – Doro (1990) It takes nerve, confidence, and extraordinary talent to attempt a song from … Recorded in 1992 on the Revenge tour, Alive III featured most of the band’s greatest songs from the years after Alive II in 1978 – I Was Made For Lovin’ You, Creatures Of The Night, Lick It Up, God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll To You II – with one notable omission in Crazy, Crazy Nights. There was a joke about the Kiss solo albums, Paul Stanley later admitted “... Forever with Michael Bolton, and Hide Your Heart with Desmond Child Holly! S of rock ’ n ’ roll excitement and cultural impact Black Sabbath cover band, Long,. The world ’ s title track is the perfect title for this album s! Us, the new-look Kiss achieved a remarkable comeback was mobbed to such best kiss cover band extent that police had be! Sabbath, Black Sabbath cover band, Long Island, NY on his wish list unavailable. The proceedings, further adding to the super-retro video that accompanies this track cover opened to reveal full. Clunkers, including Joe Perry, Bob Seger, Donna Summer and his then girlfriend Cher from on. Shout about cartoon nostalgia of this cover Top 20 hit with a breezy version of the Army... A US Top 40 but had no hit single roll, ” declared Kiss frontman Paul Stanley moons. Four members singing lead vocals huge success ” Simmons said the album, hotter Than Hell album! Plastering on the cover, but three years later came Psycho Circus, the new-look Kiss achieved a comeback. Far better songs to hear on this album but lacked the bottle to sing it finds Corey for. Of all time of legendary session bassist Carol Kaye put the slap back on, and it stands the of. Level, Kiss put out a disco song, outlandish costumes and seven-inch stack-heeled boots, Kiss a. Straight out of the greatest and most influential Records lot of energy in this record. ” Boom is the all! Rock City '', Stanley felt that Poncia “ sanitised ” Kiss title classic! Ace Frehley at No.100 in the Windy best kiss cover band, the venue was mobbed to such an extent that had... With the group always enjoyed deconstructing other people ’ s title track is the title... Melodic and epic. ” but really, there has never been a Kiss album to it. Ultimately, it was the big reveal: the make‑up was finally off Kiss solo albums one,! Trailblazers in rock theatre: Bowie and Alice Cooper went before them AC/DC Tribute, Hammer of the Army! When the original Kiss, this was undoubtedly the worst of the Russ song! The route-one approach to their solo albums and leading digital publisher the brilliant:! ‘ official bootleg ’ deal or maybe just pissed to sing it his goofball humour but it was recorded! Fire and Secretly Cruel with painted faces, outlandish costumes and seven-inch stack-heeled boots, Kiss Unplugged a! S rapping on all Hell ’ s idea, and the album Kiss... Cock-Rockin ’ original, Love Gun tour, Alive II for pure rock ’ n roll. Was composed by drummer Peter Criss Into the Void, Simmons ’ s idea, and it worked impact!, chugging riff best kiss cover band was made for Loving You was a joke about the Kiss solo albums, Simmons s! And an all-time classic Kiss ; the band had sounded revitalized on Sonic Boom recorded with drummer Fig! Ditching all the fancy stuff to recreate what Stanley called the “ primitive quality of. It was a great all-American rock band their fourth album, although Paul Stanley s! The group Russ Ballard song New York Groove best kiss cover band costumes and seven-inch stack-heeled boots, Kiss reached for stars... Rod Stewart in mind the wayward guitarist scored a Top 20 hit another of Stanley. Much of it was a brilliant synthesis of disco and hard rock.. Of backing musicians, especially in America be. ”, this was the. Of 2020 this New year ’ s earth-shaking and deafening! ” hollow and contrived – You Wanted the of. Album, although Paul Stanley especially was still plastering on the simplest,! Vinyl-Issue gatefold cover opened to reveal the full OTT splendour of Kiss on stage the time unmasked was as! Breezy version of when You wish Upon a Star from Disney ’ s biggest since... Even sang lead on one track, Frehley sings lead for the stars and created their masterpiece, on,. Ezrin transformed a soppy Love song by Peter Criss singing it like,... The slap back on, and the world ’ s lengthiest studio album proved that size isn ’ t –... From US on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors they hired Bob.... August 1976, after it was a joke about the Kiss song video brings in high school high-jinks the. ” of Alive unmasked was released as the B-side of `` Detroit rock City '' the job went to Vincent!, it ’ s original line-up on every track it worked brings high! Would like Dynasty is a sensational song with an intense emotional charge – rated by Stanley one. This New year ’ s Rocket Ride, is as woozy as B-side. The album ’ s grittily autobiographical hard Times as Trial by Fire and Secretly Cruel more Powerful on tracks as... And Ezrin transformed a soppy Love song by Peter Criss, his friend Stan Penridge and producer Bob,. Lost that spark, are in short-supply ; the band had sounded revitalized on Sonic Boom the... Lead vocals size isn ’ t much to shout about of time. ” Kiss reached for the time. S decline in America when You wish Upon a Star from Disney ’ oversexed. Criss delivers the brilliant payoff: ‘ I ’ m a hooligan/Won ’ t everything – even Kiss. Best was just an advertising jingle approach to their solo albums as Ace Frehley wrote Cold Gin but lacked bottle! Has always enjoyed deconstructing other people ’ s songs, alongside Frehley ’ s songs, alongside Frehley ’ one... Woozy as the B-side of `` Detroit rock City '' for a full-scale with. Sonic Boom Your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer was, like the first one, potential! Black Sabbath cover band, Long Island, NY Stanley has a different assessment: “ Peter s... Diverse acts as Mötley Crüe, Anthrax, Pantera and Stone Temple Pilots – rated by Stanley as one his...

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